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Project Details

  • Startup Acceleration Platform
  • Media, Startups, Business
  • Web Development
  • React.js, Node.js, PostgreSQL


This platform helps users realize their startup ideas through startup training parts, or helps to come up with clearer ideas when users still have not clearly defined their ideas. The platform is aimed at users who are just start-ups, students practicing entrepreneurship…

Domain: Business, Startup


      • Intro Page

      • Sign up/Login

      • Creative Destruction Ideas

      • Idea of arithmetic operation

      • Application of Differentiation Characteristics

      • Naming Generation

      • Logo Creation

      • Target Customer Selection

      • Establishment of profit structure

      • PR Marketing

      • Investment Attraction Plan

      • The final product

      • Create PDF file


        • React.js

        • Node.js

        • PostgreSQL